Pharma Sutra

Pharma Sutra

This is the story of the search for the female equivalent of Viagra. Meet the strong characters, the women, the schemers, radicals, and brainiacs behind one of the biggest drug stories of the century.

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Combat at Sea - Rescue


Follow the course of 20th century rescue missions, and reveals the strategies that keep fighting forces alive. Witness the largest rescue mission in history when a volunteer armada rescues trapped soldiers at Dunkirk in WWII.
Combat at Sea - The Admirals

The Admirals

The story of two of history's greatest admirals, Japan's Isoroku Yamamoto and the United States' Chester Nimitz, and how they led their fleets in the battle for the Pacific in World War II.
Out In The Cold - Cold Wheels

Cold Wheels

Barry Kennedy is about to do something that no sane driving instructor would ever advise... jumping on the brakes at high speed on sheer glare ice.
Out In The Cold - Wildlife Vet

Wildlife Vet

Barry Kennedy gets his hands dirty (really dirty) when he assists Dr. Michelle Oakley as she does a full bison autopsy out in the wild. Watch them meet the challenges of handling big game and big chills at the same time.
Out In The Cold - Ice Pilots

Ice Pilots

Barry Kennedy heads north with the bush pilots whose skill and fearlessness makes survival possible for countless others living in the remote north. Landing on frozen lakes and rivers, pilots fly in supplies and fly out the injured.
Combat at Sea - The Gunboats

The Gunboats

Hear the dramatic stories of the ships that go where the large ones can't. Witness the daring, dramatic rescue of General MacArthur by a squadron of PT boats in WWII. Relive the dangerous gunboat patrols through the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.
Out In The Cold - Iceberg Cowboys

Iceberg Cowboys

Barry Kennedy travels to the remote reaches of Newfoundland's Iceberg Alley and goes on a hunt with a very special group of mariners known as Iceberg Cowboys.
The Stagers - The Penthouse

The Penthouse

Matthew must stage an opulent, two-story penthouse suite that belongs to a wealthy entrepreneur.
The Stagers - A Tale Of Two Condos

A Tale Of Two Condos

Mother and daughter duo Maureen and Bridget are challenged to stage not one, but two cramped condos simultaneously! At 465 and 797 square feet respectively, prospective buyers are going to have a difficult time imagining how to live there.
The Stagers - Rancher Revival

Rancher Revival

Bridget and Brent team up to stage a house in desperate need of an update. With '70s-style wood paneling, mauve carpets and embossed floral wallpaper, the stagers certainly have their work cut out for them
Combat at Sea - Great Carrier Battles Of WWII

Great Carrier Battles Of WWII

Watch the aircraft carrier's rise to dominance during crucial engagements of WWII. From the attack on Italian battleships anchored at Taranto to Pearl Harbour to the Doolittle Raids.
Buy Me - Empty Nest Syndrome

Empty Nest Syndrome

If Bonnie really wanted to sell her house, it would be sold. Instead, she fired her first two agents, and then tried selling it herself. With her daughter away at university, maybe this time she'll be able to let go.
Combat at Sea - Carrier Victory

Carrier Victory

The story of the strategic change in the aircraft carrier's role as support vessel prior to World War II. Watch as the Japanese and Americans race for supremacy of this new offensive weapon.
Out In The Cold - Dog Musher

Dog Musher

We go to the dogs when we visit Frank Turner of Muktuk Adventures to learn what dog mushing is all about. In addition to the dog mushing, Barry gets a taste of what it's like to care for over 100 irrepressible snow-loving sled dogs.
Combat at Sea - Marines


The story of what it means to be a Marine - and what it takes. Follow recruits as they endure the institution of "boot camp" and find out why it's so tough.
Combat at Sea - The Destroyers

The Destroyers

The greatest triumphs of these ships in 20th century naval battles. See the destroyer used in every theatre in WWII, from shore bombardment at the beaches in Normandy on D-Day to fending off Kamikaze attacks at Okinawa.
Combat at Sea - Amphibious Assault

Amphibious Assault

Recount dramatic shore assaults from the disaster of Gallipoli to the massive D-Day invasion of WWII.
The Stagers - Bringing It Home

Bringing It Home

Stager, Dina turns a critical eye toward her own home, as she prepares the four-bedroom property for sale.
The Stagers - Child's Play

Child's Play

Matthew's skills are put to the test when he faces a new challenge in his career: how to stage a nursery occupied by an 18-month old toddler!
Pharma Sutra

Pharma Sutra

This is the story of the search for the female equivalent of Viagra. Meet the strong characters, the women, the schemers, radicals, and brainiacs behind one of the biggest drug stories of the century.
Out In The Cold - Ice Hotel

Ice Hotel

It's like the biggest snow fort you ever built! We join Barry and the Ice Hotel crew in Quebec as they construct this architectural wonder out of nothing but frozen H2O. The team must work night and day to get ready for the grand opening!
Out In The Cold - Cleared For Take Off

Cleared For Take Off

Just getting airborne during a Canadian winter requires Herculean amount of effort on the ground. In this episodes host Barry Kennedy shows us what it's like to keep the airports big and small operating during the dead of winter.
The Stagers - Them's Fightin' Words

Them's Fightin' Words

For the first time, stagers Bridget and Matthew must work together to stage an empty 3200 square foot house into an attractive family home.
The Stagers - The Suburban Stage

The Suburban Stage

High-drama stager Matthew must overcome a peach paint pallet and cheap decor to turn a small suburban house into a sleek space. H