Combat at Sea

Combat at Sea

Combat at Sea combines exciting archival and modern footage with superior reporting to relive great sea battles, explore naval strategy and counter-strategy, and tell the stories of mighty warships and the men who commanded them.
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Combat at Sea - Rescue


Follow the course of 20th century rescue missions, and reveals the strategies that keep fighting forces alive. Witness the largest rescue mission in history when a volunteer armada rescues trapped soldiers at Dunkirk in WWII.
Combat at Sea - The Admirals

The Admirals

The story of two of history's greatest admirals, Japan's Isoroku Yamamoto and the United States' Chester Nimitz, and how they led their fleets in the battle for the Pacific in World War II.
Combat at Sea - The Gunboats

The Gunboats

Hear the dramatic stories of the ships that go where the large ones can't. Witness the daring, dramatic rescue of General MacArthur by a squadron of PT boats in WWII. Relive the dangerous gunboat patrols through the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.
Combat at Sea - Great Carrier Battles Of WWII

Great Carrier Battles Of WWII

Watch the aircraft carrier's rise to dominance during crucial engagements of WWII. From the attack on Italian battleships anchored at Taranto to Pearl Harbour to the Doolittle Raids.
Combat at Sea - The Destroyers

The Destroyers

The greatest triumphs of these ships in 20th century naval battles. See the destroyer used in every theatre in WWII, from shore bombardment at the beaches in Normandy on D-Day to fending off Kamikaze attacks at Okinawa.
Combat at Sea - Carrier Victory

Carrier Victory

The story of the strategic change in the aircraft carrier's role as support vessel prior to World War II. Watch as the Japanese and Americans race for supremacy of this new offensive weapon.
Combat at Sea - Marines


The story of what it means to be a Marine - and what it takes. Follow recruits as they endure the institution of "boot camp" and find out why it's so tough.
Combat at Sea - Amphibious Assault

Amphibious Assault

Recount dramatic shore assaults from the disaster of Gallipoli to the massive D-Day invasion of WWII.
Combat at Sea - Submarines


The under-sea weapons of secrecy and terror. Recount the awesome destructive power of the German U-boats in WWII, and follow the Cold War race to build submarines of superior speed, stealth and lethal capability.
Combat at Sea - WWII Pacific Heroes

WWII Pacific Heroes

The stories of men whose courage in the face of battle earned them distinction from their country.
Combat at Sea - Naval Aviators

Naval Aviators

Witness the tradition and glory by profiling the stories of famous aviators from around the world.
Combat at Sea - Supercarriers


Presents the thrilling story of the most awesome surface vessel in naval combat. See how the great navies of the world design their supercarriers for intense combat.
Combat at Sea - The Battleships

The Battleships

Relive the action in the story of the greatest and most powerful warships built in the 20th century: Great Britain's "Dreadnought", Germany's "Bismarck", Japan's "Yamato", and many more.