Buy Me

Buy Me

Buy Me follows the behind-the-scenes drama of real people trying to sell their homes in North America.
Buy Me - Empty Nest Syndrome

Empty Nest Syndrome

If Bonnie really wanted to sell her house, it would be sold. Instead, she fired her first two agents, and then tried selling it herself. With her daughter away at university, maybe this time she'll be able to let go.
Buy Me - Clicking Online

Clicking Online

Tracey owns a townhouse while Vince lives in a fixer-upper. Now they're getting married and they've bought a new home together. Will they be able to sell both their homes before their wedding in seven weeks?
Buy Me - Accidental Landlords

Accidental Landlords

Susan and Edward bought a four-plex and lived upstairs while caring for ailing parents downstairs. Tenants in the two remaining apartments helped to pay for medical costs. Now with their parents gone, it's time to sell and get out.
Buy Me - Downtown's No Place For Kids

Downtown's No Place For Kids

To afford the neighbourhood they want, they need to make a killing on their condo - which might be a hard sell because it has no closets and the floors are crooked.
Buy Me - Downsizing To Realize A Dream

Downsizing To Realize A Dream

Kelley wants to go back to school to become a nurse. To afford mortgage payments for three years on just one salary, they decide to sell and move to a smaller, less expensive home.
Buy Me - Mom, Dad - I'm Selling Your House

Mom, Dad - I'm Selling Your House

At 28, Kevin has a fiance, Emma, two small children and two homes. Finances are tight so with Emma's encouragement, he decides to sell one. Unfortunately for his parents, it's the house they're living in.
Buy Me - Hounded From Home

Hounded From Home

Macy recently closed down her doggy couture shop, up to her eyeballs in debt. Left with no choice, she puts her house on the market.
Buy Me - A Townhouse They Never Liked

A Townhouse They Never Liked

In a town where homes sell within hours of being listed, bidding wars are common. Desperate for a place to live, Kelly & Chris paid over asking for their home and regretted it almost immediately.
Buy Me - California Bound

California Bound

Robert & Libby remodelled their home beautifully. Problem is, it's a family neighbourhood, and now it's only got 2 bedrooms. Will they sell on time to start their new jobs in California in 3 months?
Buy Me - Empha-what?


Sophie met Frank and fell in love. Now they want a place of their own. Problem is, Sophie's condo is near the end of an emphyteutic lease.
Buy Me - Bye Bye Bachelor 'Hood

Bye Bye Bachelor 'Hood

Fred now wants to sell his 2-floor condo and ride off on his Harley to start a new life with the woman of his dreams.
Buy Me - Selling for Dad

Selling for Dad

Claudine's father is in a seniors' residence, but enjoys his weekly visits back to his home where he can be amongst his things. To make it easier, Claudine plans to sell her home, and move back to her parent's place.
Buy Me - Smaller Is Better

Smaller Is Better

Lesley's son is off at college, and her daughter will soon follow. She needs to sell the family's 4-bedroom home that she can no longer afford.
Buy Me - Goodbye Landlord Days

Goodbye Landlord Days

Single Mom Cathy owns a duplex, but she's tired of being a landlord. She enlists agent Rene, who's like a father to her. But does Father really know best - and what's right for Cathy?
Buy Me - Selling For Closure

Selling For Closure

Chris is moving to the east coast - without his wife Marcia. Since Marcia can't afford to buy out Chris' share of the house, they have to sell. But first they have to renovate and break the news to their kids.
Buy Me - Back On The Market

Back On The Market

We pick up where we left off in Season 2 with Mimi and Allan; having split up after 34 years of marriage and trying unsuccessfully to sell the family home.
Buy Me - A 70s House Reveals Its Age

A 70s House Reveals Its Age

Parting ways means selling the family home. A big lot, mature trees, a lovely home - what more could a buyer want?
Buy Me - Reaching Up The Property Ladder

Reaching Up The Property Ladder

Real estate savvy Jennifer and Ryan want to buy and sell their way up the property ladder. They knew when they bought into a swanky new development that their mortgage payments would triple. What they didn't anticipate was the subprime meltdown.
Buy Me - Nothing Compares To Luke's

Nothing Compares To Luke's

When they were dating, Luke drove past an empty lot in the suburbs and told Jennifer - "I'm going to buy that and build us a house". 5 years, and 2 kids later, the house is almost finished - only Jennifer wants to move closer to the city.
Buy Me - Making It Through

Making It Through

Noreen built a house extension to accommodate her boyfriend and his two sons, and was 'gutted' when he left her. Now she has to sell "the big house" to get her life back on track.
Buy Me - The Flipper Brothers

The Flipper Brothers

Brothers Wayne and Tim flip homes together - while living in them with their kids. But the market is getting soft. Will this place turn out to be the flip they keep for themselves?