Air Combat

Air Combat

Air Combat covers the history of military aviation from World War I to the present day, focusing on famous aerial engagements, heroic pilots and a dramatic array of aircraft from Harrier Jump Jets to B-52 Bombers.
25 Videos
Air Combat - The Spy Planes

The Spy Planes

A futuristic projectile roars over an isolated desert... Come along on the super-secret spy missions with the men who designed these fascinating planes.
Air Combat - Combat from the Cockpit

Combat from the Cockpit

Join the air war in Vietnam as dedicated pilots perform their dangerous missions.
Air Combat - Marine Aviators

Marine Aviators

The acknowledged specialists in close air support of ground troops, marine aviators often dropped bombs within yards of beleaguered friendly forces.
Air Combat - Vietnam Choppers

Vietnam Choppers

Helicopters proved indispensable in the treacherous jungles and swamplands of Vietnam.
Air Combat - Vietnam: A Mission

Vietnam: A Mission

Witness a deadly attack mission waged by three men as they combat the North Vietnamese enemy.
Air Combat - In Pursuit of Space

In Pursuit of Space

Follow the super power race to control the last frontier. From the visionaries like Robert Goddard and Wernher Von Braun to the pilots like John Glenn and Yuri Gagarin who braved the unknown.
Air Combat - Pilots of Fortune

Pilots of Fortune

Stories of patriotic mercenaries who joined up to fight before their countries went to war.
Air Combat - Paratroopers


From the victories of the Nazi paratroopers in the Blitzkrieg to the Allied march across the Rhine into Germany, paratroopers played key roles in major invasions
Air Combat - The Carriers

The Carriers

British and American pilots take to the dangerous decks of the first carriers - converted battleships - as they invent naval aviation in WW1.
Air Combat - The Chopper War

The Chopper War

The helicopter, invented by Frenchman Louis Breguet, first played a major role in war during the Vietnam conflict. There, the Americans developed the concept of "air mobility".
Air Combat - Test Pilots

Test Pilots

Witness the spectacular successes and failures of aviation development through the stories of some of the bravest and best test pilots.
Air Combat - Airborne


From the early parachute units of WWII and Korea to the modern "air mobile" forces that came into play in Vietnam, Grenada and Panama.
Air Combat - Combat Crew

Combat Crew

Covers the harrowing story of three bomber crews in one of the most difficult missions of WWII: Operation Tidal Wave
Air Combat - The X Planes

The X Planes

Witness the exciting story of pioneering experimental aircraft, their visionary designers, the pilots who risked their lives to fly daring test missions, and the sometimes unsuccessful or unexpected results.
Air Combat - Combat Training

Combat Training

Fly with the aviators as they use the lessons of yesterday's wars to meet the formidable demands of flying the world's most advanced fighting machines.
Air Combat - Race to Rule the Skies

Race to Rule the Skies

Before the battle could be fought in the skies it had to be won on the drawing boards.
Air Combat - Pilots of Desert Storm

Pilots of Desert Storm

Told from the perspective of pilots and tacticians, this episode is a compelling look at the most perfectly orchestrated air mission in history.
Air Combat - The Ace Factor

The Ace Factor

What factors make a cadet a pilot... and what does it take for a pilot to become an ace?
Air Combat - The Bombers

The Bombers

Fly four harrowing missions on board the legendary bombers
Air Combat - Legends of Air Combat

Legends of Air Combat

Profiles of extraordinary pilots and their heroic missions from WWI to the present.
Air Combat - Air Strike

Air Strike

The story of tactical air to ground combat from its inception in WWI to the Gulf War.
Air Combat - MiG vs America

MiG vs America

Soviet-designed MiGs battle America's swiftest jets in Korea and Vietnam in this harrowing episode about the technology war between the two superpowers.
Air Combat - The War Aces

The War Aces

The legends of the world's greatest flying aces and the history of the fighter planes they flew.
Air Combat - WWII: Europe

WWII: Europe

The strategy behind the air war over Europe: How it developed and how the British and Americans joined forces to finally win the war of attrition in the skies.