Leyland's Australia

Leyland's Australia

Mal and Laraine Leyland take us on the caravanning and camping adventure of a lifetime around Australia.
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Leyland's Australia - Borroloola To The Western Australian Border

Borroloola To The Western Australian Border

From the Gulf of Carpentaria the Leylands continue in four wheel drive vehicles through rugged and scenic terrain, all the way to the border of Western Australia.
Leyland's Australia - Kununurra To Alice Springs

Kununurra To Alice Springs

Traveling through the Tanami Desert to Alice Springs the Leylands meet plenty of interesting characters along the way. They also see some amazing natural wonders.
Leyland's Australia - Western Queensland To Longreach

Western Queensland To Longreach

The Leylands show us some of inland Queensland. They visit some interesting people along the way and learn more about the School of the Air.
Leyland's Australia - Gregory River To The Gulf Of Carpentaria

Gregory River To The Gulf Of Carpentaria

This episode requires some serious off road driving skills, so the Leylands leave their caravans behind and explore the remote areas of North Queensland.
Leyland's Australia - Tasmania: The Mountain State

Tasmania: The Mountain State

Mal Leyland is in Tasmania, taking in all this island state has to offer: convict history, amazing wildlife, pristine wilderness and the cosmopolitan city of Hobart.
Leyland's Australia - Rockhampton To Mackay

Rockhampton To Mackay

From Rockhampton the Leylands visit Great Keppell Island and view the outer reef by sea plane. They also see platypus in the wild.
Leyland's Australia - Alice Springs To Cameron's Corner

Alice Springs To Cameron's Corner

From Alice Springs to Cameron's Corner the Leylands find plenty of interesting sights.
Leyland's Australia - Burra To Berri

Burra To Berri

After visiting Burra in South Australia the Leylands take a houseboat trip on the Murray River.
Leyland's Australia - Kingston To The Twelve Apostles

Kingston To The Twelve Apostles

The Leylands visit Mt Gambier's Blue Lake, a seal colony and many other interesting sites as they drive the Great Ocean Road.
Leyland's Australia - The Great Ocean Road To The Murray River

The Great Ocean Road To The Murray River

Next stop along the way for the Leylands is Victoria's gold fields district, where they view some real gold nuggets.
Leyland's Australia - Warrumbungles To Bald Rock

Warrumbungles To Bald Rock

On this stage of their epic adventure the Leylands visit icy mountain tops and steaming hot baths as well as standing stones at Glenn Innes.
Leyland's Australia - Brisbane To Rockhampton

Brisbane To Rockhampton

Now on lap two of their travels around Australia the Leylands drive through Brisbane, Hervey Bay Bundaberg and 1770 before making it to the tropical city of Rockhampton.
Leyland's Australia - Murray River To The Warrumbungles

Murray River To The Warrumbungles

Leaving Victoria behind the Leylands find themselves in New South Wales where they meet a farmer who still uses traditional farming methods. Next they visit Dubbo before heading for the sensational Warrumbungle Ranges.
Leyland's Australia - Australia's Celtic Country

Australia's Celtic Country

The area around Glenn Innes in NSW is known to many as Celtic Country. Mal Leyland explores the reasons behind this including the natural environment and the people who settled here.