Grainger’s World

Grainger’s World

Greg Grainger is an award-winning producer and presenter of topical travel and adventure documentaries, and wildlife programs, to remote and exotic locations.
Grainger’s World - Heavenly Hawaii

Heavenly Hawaii

Heavenly Hawaii captures the mystery and allure of the islands of Hawaii in an expedition that embraces both culture and adventure.
Grainger’s World - Australia's Deadliest Sea Creatures

Australia's Deadliest Sea Creatures

Australia's oceans are home to many deadly creatures, from tiny jellyfish to huge great white sharks. Greg Grainger interviews survivors and gets expert advice on how to survive in a deadly situation.
Grainger’s World - Australia's Backyard Killers

Australia's Backyard Killers

Lurking in backyards across Australia are a range of creatures that could kill... from deadly snakes and spiders to bees and even crocodiles that manage to invade some properties.
Grainger’s World - On Thin Ice

On Thin Ice

Polar bears are in danger of extinction. Greg Grainger documents the struggle of this majestic creature as it strives to survive on Thin Ice!
Grainger’s World - Inferno


Greg Grainger joins a fire crew as they attend the many emergency situations in a busy suburban area of Sydney.
Grainger’s World - Kiwi Magic

Kiwi Magic

Kiwi Magic captures the scenic beauty, rich culture, quaint characters and high adventures of New Zealand.
Grainger’s World - Fabulous Foals

Fabulous Foals

Horses are beautiful and amazing creatures, especially when they are young. This film is dedicated to Fabulous Foals.
Grainger’s World - Precious Puppies

Precious Puppies

See adorable puppies of every shape and size as they explore their world.
Grainger’s World - Cutest Kittens

Cutest Kittens

Adorable kittens, cute and cuddly kittens. Amazing kittens having fun.