Tough Nuts

Tough Nuts

This explosive series blows the lid off Australia's criminal underworld and reveals the real story behind what made and shaped the most notorious figures in Australian criminal history.
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Tough Nuts - The Magician

The Magician

Multiple murderer, extortionist, pimp, child killer and violent thug, Regan is arguably the most violent and terrifying person in Australian criminal history.
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Tough Nuts - The King of Sydney

The King of Sydney

Murderer, standover man, race fixer, SP bookmaker and crime lord, George Freeman was the King of Sydney for over three decades.
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Tough Nuts - The Sunshine Boy

The Sunshine Boy

Murderer, drug dealer, kidnapper, extortionist and street hoon, Dino Dibra would make his mark in Melbourne's underworld.
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Tough Nuts - The Gambler

The Gambler

Michael 'Melbourne Mick' Sayers was a run of the mill crook who got in too deep with some of the tough nuts in Sydney's organised crime scene.
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Tough Nuts - The Criminal Mastermind

The Criminal Mastermind

Raymond 'Ray Chuck' Bennett was Australia's criminal mastermind. A brazen armed robber and thief, he did the jobs that other criminals considered were beyond them.
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Tough Nuts - The Invader

The Invader

Radev invaded the lives of his extortion victims and terrorised them until they met his demands.
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Tough Nuts - Public Enemy Number One

Public Enemy Number One

Criminal lunatic, gunman, arch-thief and armed robber, Jockey Smith terrorised Australia at gunpoint for three decades.
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Tough Nuts - The Man Called Rentakill

The Man Called Rentakill

Christopher Dale Flannery earned the nickname of 'Rentakill'. He was a hit man and gun for hire who would kill anyone if the price was right.
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Tough Nuts - Madam Razor

Madam Razor

Tilly was a drug dealing brothel madam, a criminal sociopath and Sydney's Queen of vice, who clawed her way to the top of the city's sex trade with a razor in her hand.
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Tough Nuts - The Runner

The Runner

Brutal killer, armed robber, heartbreaker and prison escapologist, Ray was the ultimate anti-hero.
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Tough Nuts - Mr Death

Mr Death

While his brothers are criminals and some of them vicious killers, not one comes close to the utter brutality of Dennis Allen.
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Tough Nuts - Mr Big

Mr Big

Lennie McPherson ruled the Sydney crime scene for four decades. He was a violent and vicious criminal and arguably the worst of the worst.
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Tough Nuts - Most Wanted

Most Wanted

Meet Australia's most wanted man for a record 11 years. Russell 'Mad Dog' Cox was a man no prison could hold.
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Tough Nuts - The Enforcer

The Enforcer

Feared enforcer for Australian organised crime, multiple murderer and assassin, and drug trafficker turned man of God.
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Tough Nuts - The Black Prince

The Black Prince

Alphonse Gangitano was known as the Black Prince of Lygon Street and was the most lethal member of Melbourne's notorious Carlton Crew in the 1980s and 1990s.
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Tough Nuts - Australia's First Gangster

Australia's First Gangster

Arguably Australia's most feared gangster, Frederick 'Chow' Hayes was a convicted double murderer.
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